Changelog history

Changes in version 0.5

  • Updated documentation to PHREEQC3

  • Added IPhreeqc 3.7.3 and mac arm64 version

  • Removed download, use pip to install

  • Added makefile to automate build steps

  • Added parallel example

Changes in version 0.4

  • Add pywin32 dependency to pip install

  • Removed setting of `doc`attribute on PhreeqPy objects because it is not supported by new IPhreeqcCOM versions.

  • Hint that there is no 64-bit DLL for Windows. Instead the COM-Server version should be used.

Changes in version 0.3

  • Added set_output_file_off()`and `set_output_file_on() that call IPhreeqc’s SetOutputFileOn

Changes in version 0.2

  • Added more IPhreeqc functions.

  • Added support for Mac OS X.

  • Added error handling turning IPhreeqc errors into Python exceptions.

  • Added Python 3 compatibility. Tested with Python 3.3.

  • Added documentation in addition to example on website.